As well as offering free template letters and other free resources, we also offer a claims management service.

Before embarking on a claim, we must first establish the merits of the claim you wish to make. This will involve asking you a series of questions about the sale as well as your circumstances at the time the sale took place. We (and yourself) must be confident that a problem may have occurred with the sale.

At this point we will start dialogue with your annuity provider and put a series of questions to them in regards to your circumstances and what happened during the sale. Where possible, we will try to use your own words as well as provide all relevant information regarding our concerns.

If you complaint is upheld within the 8 weeks allowed by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) then this will be the end of the matter. If you complaint is rejected, then the option to take this further will appear. This means we can engage the Financial Ombudsman Service to adjudicate on the complaint in the first instance. You can be assured that the Ombudsman will take into account all relevant data and evidence and come up with a balanced view of the circumstances and adjudicate accordingly.

With this, either party will still have referral rights to an Ombudsman if the initial conclusion is rejected. We can advise at this point if so required as to what is happening with the latest annuity claims, and what your chances of success are. As always, the final decision is yours.